Study Participation

Subtle memory changes often occur as we age. However, sometimes the changes are greater than expected

 Do you or a loved on have problems with remembering new information?  Remembering conversations? Recalling where you have put things? Forgetting appointments? Remembering what you walked into a room for? If you are concerned about these problems, you may be eligible for our study. Adults 60 and older with mild to moderate memory difficulties are needed for brain imaging studies of memory at IUPUI. The study involves participating in three sessions, 18 months apart, over three years and includes a brain scan, blood draw, eye exam and cognitive testing. Each session can take up to eight hours that is distributed over two days. Every effort will be made to work around individual schedules. By participating in this study, you will receive an evaluation that includes a brain scan and detailed memory evaluation at no cost to you. Your evaluation results can be made available to your doctor. You will be conpensated $75 for your time and effort for each of the three visits. For more information please contact Eileen Tallman at 317-278-3121                 

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