2014 Center for Neuroimaging Research Practicum Participants include: Michael Whiteside (Indiana University), Kathleen Fenerty (Indiana University), Katie Ray (Rose Hulman University), MacKenzie McTernon (Greenfield-Central High School), Alaina Turchi (Indiana University), Kaitlyn Stickel (IUPUI, Indianapolis), David Goodrich, CfN Program Manager.Second Row:  Shannon Risacher, Assistant Research Professor IUSM, Carolyn Goddard (Indiana University), Seth Spencer (Brigham-Young University), Brad Glazier, Administrator for the IADC, Graham Owen (Purdue University), Zachary Gapinski (Indiana University).


CfN Summer Practicum have attended talks from the following Faculty and Staff:

Brad Glazier, Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Center Administrator, spoke about the IADC and how they collaborate with other Centers world wide.

David Goodrich, CfN Program Manager, shared the Mission of the Center and details about how research is coordinated at universities.

Dr. Andrew Saykin, Director of the CfN, spoke about how brain imaging technologies are used in Neuroscience. 

Dr. Bernardino Ghetti invited CfN Practicum Participants to visit his Pathology Lab, where they learned about the anatomy of the brain and pathologic legions in neurodegenerative diseases. To see photos of their visit, click here.   

Dr. Li Shen gave a talk about Genetic analysis of quantitative phenotypes in AD and MCI: imaging, cognition and biomarkers.

Dr. Shannon Risacher presented her research on Sensory Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Students also had the opportunity to take a tour of Movement Disorders facilities, where they help individuals with neurological disorders that relate to movement.   

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