Andrew Saykin, Psy.D., ABCN
Raymond C. Beeler Professor of Radiology Director,
IU Center for Neuroimaging
Department of Radiology,
Indiana University School of Medicine
Director, Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center
Dr. Saykin joined the Indiana University School of Medicine faculty in November 2006 as the Raymond C. Beeler Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences to direct the I.U. Center for Neuroimaging. He also holds appointments in the departments of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Neurology and Psychiatry. In February 2013, he was appointed director of the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center (IADC), one of 29 centers sponsored by the National Institute on Aging for research on AD and related dementias. Dr. Saykin's current research program focuses on the use of brain imaging, genomic and biomarker methods to study mechanisms of memory dysfunction and treatment response. Current projects focus on early detection of Alzheimer's disease and related work examines cognitive changes associated with cancer chemotherapy, brain injury and schizophrenia. On a national level, Dr. Saykin leads the Genetics Core of the 57 site Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), a landmark study sponsored by the National Institute on Aging, the Alzheimer's Association and industry partners. He has been a member of multiple NIH review groups and the Board of Directors of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology and the International Neuropsychological Society. Dr. Sayking is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Brain Imaging and Behavior, a Springer journal.    
Graduate: Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, PA
Post-Doctoral Fellowship: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 
Selected Publications
1. Saykin, A.J., deRuiter, M.B., McDonald, B.C., Deprez, S., Silverman, D.H. (2013) Neuroimaging biomarkers and cognitive function in non-CNS cancer and its treatment: Current status and recommendations for future research. Brain Imaging and Behavior. Published on line, Dec. 12 , doi: 10.1007/s11682-013-9283-7.
2. Saykin A, Risacher S, McDonald B, West J, Tallman E, Flashman L, Wishart H, Rabin L, Pare N, O'Neill D, Kim S, Wang Y, Shen L, Santulli R, Farlow M. Two-year outcome in older adults with cognitive complaints: Relation to baseline cognition, self- and informant ratings, genetics and imaging. Alzheimer's & Dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association 2013;9:P775-P776.
3. Ramanan VK, Risacher SL, Nho K, Kim S, Swaminathan S, Shen L, Foroud TM, Hakonarson H, Huentelman MJ, Aisen PS, Petersen RC, Green R C, Jack CR, Koepp, RA, Jagust W J, Weiner M W, Saykin AJ (2013) APOE and BCHE as modulators of cerebral amyloid deposition: a florbetapir PET genome wide association study. Molecular Psychiatry. Published online, Feb. 9, 2013. doi:0.1038/mp.2013.19.

Academic/Hospital/Administrative Appointments:

2006-present Raymond C. Beeler Professor of Radiology, Indiana University School of Medicine-Indianapolis.

2006-present Member, Breast Cancer Research Program, IU Simon Cancer Center, Indianapolis, IN.
2006-present Member, Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, Indiana University School of Medicine.
2007-present Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University- Bloomington.
2007-present Professor, Department of Neurology, Indiana University School of Medicine.
2007-present Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine.
2007-present Member and Neuroimaging Core Leader, Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center, Indianapolis, IN.
2007-present Faculty Mentor, MD/PhD Medical Scientist Training Program, Indiana University School of  Medicine-Indianapolis.
2007-present Faculty Mentor, Medical Neuroscience PhD Program, Indiana BioMedical Gateway (IBMG).
2008-present Faculty Mentor, Medical and Molecular Genetics PhD Program, IN BioMedical Gateway (IBMG).
2008-present Professor, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis. 
2004-06  Director, NIH sponsored Neuroimaging Research Center: High Field Facility at DHMC.
2004-06  Co-Director, Dartmouth Advanced Imaging Center (DAIC), DHMC.
2006-present Director, IU Center for Neuroimaging, Indiana University School of Medicine-Indianapolis, IN
2006-present Associate Director, Indiana Institute of Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IIBIS).
2008-present Member, IU Neuroscience Center Leadership Council

Editorial Boards:
2006-present Editor-in-Chief of Brain Imaging and Behavior, Springer 
2006-present Editorial Board, Neuropsychology Review 
2011-present Editorial Board, Frontiers in Genomics 
2011-present Editorial Board, Frontiers in Neurogenomics                          
2011-present Editorial Board, Frontiers in Toxicogenomics
2012-present Editorial Board, American Journal of Neurodegenerative Diseases

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