Joaquín Goñi , Ph.D.

Joaquín Goñi, PhD is an Associate Research Scientist at the Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) and Adjunct Associate Research Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis. Also, he is an investigator for the Center for Neuroimaging and the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center. Dr. Goñi earned a PhD from the University of Navarra School of Sciences (Spain) in 2008 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory in Center for Applied Medical Research (Spain). From 2011 to 2014, he was in Dr. Olaf Sporns' laboratory as a Research Associate in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University, Bloomington. 
As a computational neuroscientist with expertise in complex systems, his current research is focused on the application of frameworks such as graph theory, information theory or fractal theory in neuroscience with a specific focus in neuroimaging. Currently, Dr. Goñi's research is focused on the human connectome; including network analyses of structural and functional connectivity during different tasks under various disease conditions, with an emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases. 

Indiana University Center for Neuroimaging (CfN) | Department of Radiology | 355 West 16th Street, GH 4100 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | PHONE: (317) 963-7229 | FAX: (317) 963-7547