Ulrike Dydak, Ph.D.

Dr. Dydak's research interest is to develop and improve magnetic resonance spectroscopy methodology and expand functionalities in1H MRS to other nuclei. Her main focus thus far has been on combining the method of parallel imaging with the advantages of the high field strength of 3T to reduce scan times to 1-5 minutes, while keeping spatial resolutions on the order of 1mL. Such techniques finally allow for a metabolic assessment with larger anatomical coverage. Alternatively the short scan times may be used to assess the dynamics of metabolic changes. Her second focus has been on the translation of new methodology into a wide range of clinical applications, while being actively engaged in training and education of MRS methods for clinical use.

Dr. Dydak's current interests include the development of whole brain high-resolution MR spectroscopic imaging and its application in the research of toxicology, chemotherapy, alcohol research and psychiatric diseases. Translating the methodology of phased-array acquisition and parallel imaging to 31P MRS, her group currently investigates the possibilities of assessing response to radiation treatment in liver cancer. To enable better communication and sharing of experience among new clinical users of MRS, Dr. Dydak is collaborating with Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Purdue to create SpectroHUB, a web portal for clinical spectroscopy, hosting a large database of example MRS data, a user forum, web-based visualization and processing tools, educational and training material as well as links to relevant information regarding MRS and other databases.


Ph.D. Degree:, Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, Switzerland

M.S. Degree: Mag. rer.nat., Physics and Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria, 1996

Ph.D. Degree:, Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, Switzerland, 2002

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